Publications: Transportation

Filing a Transportation Complaint
The Office of Civil Rights of the Federal Transit Administration monitors the implementation of and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by investigating complaints and conducting compliance reviews.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles
The Access Board's ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles address access to buses, vans, rail cars, and other modes of public transit. They serve as the basis for standards maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation that apply to new or remanufactured vehicles required to be accessible under the ADA.

Topic Guides on ADA Transportation
The Topic Guides were funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to provide technical assistance to transit agencies, riders and advocates on the ADA and transportation. The topic guides include:

  1. Equipment Maintenance
  2. Stop Announcements and Route Identification
  3. Eligibility for ADA Paratransit
  4. Telephone Hold Time in ADA Paratransit
  5. Origin to Destination Service in ADA Paratransit
  6. On-Time Performance in ADA Paratransit
  7. No-Shows in ADA Paratransit

Assessment of Fixed Route BusWheelchair Lift Maintenance & Reliability
This assessment tool is designed to assist transit agencies and the Federal Transit Administration in determining if accessibility equipment, particularly wheelchair lifts, on fixed route bus systems are operating reliably. 

Air Travel

Aircraft Stowage Procedures for Battery Powered Wheelchairs  (ATBCB)  1988   In conformance with DOT hazardous materials regulations.

Air Carrier Access Act Complaint Form (PDF Version)
Information on filing a complaint about air travel service problems, including accessibility issues

Guidance Concerning Service Animals in Air Transportation (DOT) 2003.  Microsoft Word Document.
The purpose of this document is to aid airline employees and people with disabilities in understanding and applying the ACAA with respect to service animals.

Guidelines for Aircraft Boarding Chairs (ATBCB)
A technical paper on the design of chairs used primarily for enplaning and deplaning physically handicapped passengers.

New Horizons (DOT)
Information for the Air Traveler with a Disability

Steps Taken to Ensure New Security Requirements - Preserve and Respect the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities (DOT)
A fact sheet discussing the rights of people with disabilities in airport security screenings post-9/11.