Disability Law Index - Transportation: Highways


49 C.F.R. § 27.75 - Federal Highway Administration-highways

(a) New facilities

(1) Highway rest area facilities - All such facilities that will be constructed with Federal financial assistance shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the accessibility standards referenced in Sec. 27.3(b) of this part.

(2) Curb cuts - All pedestrian crosswalks constructed with Federal financial assistance shall have curb cuts or ramps to accommodate persons in wheelchairs, pursuant to Sec. 228 of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1973 (23 U.S.C. 402(b)(1)(F)).

(3) Pedestrian over-passes, under-passes and ramps - Pedestrian over-passes, under-passes and ramps, constructed with Federal financial assistance, shall be accessible to handicapped persons, including having gradients no steeper than 10 percent, unless:

(i) Alternate safe means are provided to enable mobility-imited persons to cross the roadway at that location; or

(ii) It would be infeasible for mobility-limited persons to reach the over-passes, under-passes or ramps because of unusual topographical or architectural obstacles unrelated to the federally assisted facility.

(b) Existing facilities-Rest area facilities Rest area facilities on Interstate highways shall be made accessible to handicapped persons, including wheelchair users, within a three-year period after the effective date of this part. Other rest area facilities shall be made accessible when Federal financial assistance is used to improve the rest area, or when the roadway adjacent to or in the near vicinity of the rest area is constructed, reconstructed or otherwise altered with Federal financial assistance.